What Makes a Great Cycling Jersey.

Cycling industry is extremely competitive when it comes to bringing the best products to the market. Everyone has their own perspective on what makes a great cycling jersey. We want to explore what exactly that is and at Login we believe we uncovered the secret. 

Research is Key.

One of the fundamentals of creating a great cycling jersey is of course research. In order to stand out you of course need to see what the competition is up to. At Login we spent over 6 month doing research of the market before we created our first prototype cycling jerseys. We started off by looking at the leading brands in the industry and analyzed whether anything for missing for us in their products. What we found is many brands were too afraid to explore freedom of art and design in their products. Most cycling jerseys , bib shorts and other cycling apparel products were plain. Simple styling and occasional color blocking is all that we saw. There was no "fun" in their products, nothing that would catch our attention. Maybe the idea behind that is safety for the sales. In our case for Login this was not an option. As a new brand you are forced to differentiate yourself from the rest and the best way to do that is to explore crazy design ideas that would drive some away but would capture the mind of many more. Then we went on to looking at smaller, more local brands. They had much better designs than most leading brands. Again for the same reason we had to make offering many designs our priority. But again, there was something missing. The missing part was the quality of their garment. What we found out is many of the brands who can afford to have a huge variety of designs don't manufacture the clothing. They have suppliers in China who take care of production, positioning and creating new cutting for the products. This is of course done for lowering the cost of goods and increasing your margins. All of that is good but you lose touch with your products. You start to care less what fabric your cycling jersey is made of or how it fits , just as long as it sells. Having a contractor for manufacturing also forces you to hold stock. This means you are much less likely to gamble on different designs and will keep the safe options which you think will sell.

Story Begins.

This is where Login Cycle Club found its niche. Most of cycling apparel was too expensive, too boring or extremely poor in quality. We decided to tackle that problem. We created a brand having #rideinfashion as our message and one of the pillars of success. We want to convey to the world of cycling that your cycling jersey or cycling shorts don't need to be boring. They also don't need to be crazy expensive or of a poor quality. WE use only Italian imported fabrics and have our own factory that is run by a small team of dedicated employees that have a sole purpose for the brand and that is to provide quality cycling apparel which is both fun and stylish at a very affordable price. We use design as our main selling point. From day one when we had only Cycling jerseys and bib shorts in out line up we prioritized selection of design. Let us be frank, the first products weren't great. Looking back now it is easy to tell what was wrong and what exactly needed improvement. We have been on the market for 5 years now and learned a lot about the cycling industry. Cycling apparel is a tough business but we took it head on. We visited InterBike in Las Vegas, CycleMode in Japan and InterBike in Taiwan in our 5 years of existence. We developed great contacts which we were able to use for improving our products and getting a wider audience to enjoy them. The road was bumpy but we are proud to say we are where we wanted to be. We improved a lot over the years and are now offering much more than just Cycling jerseys and bib shorts. We offer everything you as an individual or a cycling team want. We offering gloves, triathlon items , socks , our own login cycling shoes, jackets , winter jerseys , base layers , t shirts, team polo, shorts and much more. In 2017 we invested deeply in the potential for custom cycling apparel. We approached large teams in South East Asia and were able to secure partnerships with them. From that day to now we have been working closely to create great team wear for cycling and we are proud to say those teams are still with us to this day growing together with login cycle club. We were also able to secure distribution deals over the years. We briefly had a partner in South Korea and Taiwan and are now expanding to the French and Singaporean markets. Exciting times are in store for login and we are ready to expand, be better and offer the safe quality cycling apparel at an affordable price that we always have. 

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So What Makes Login Cycling Jerseys Great?

  1. Extensive research in the market 
  2. In house manufacturing to ensure the best quality 
  3. Designs which we are able to experiment with, without costing us a fortune in holding stock 
  4. Focus on fashion 
  5. Use of premiun Italian fabrics 
  6. Passion for improving our products and being better everyday
  7. Affordable price

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