Login’s collaboration with The Men in Black cycling team was one of the most demanding projects to date. The vision was to completely revamp their team kit with a whole new look, the design and development process took a month, with over 10 different tests made in order to fine tune the gold gradient print that is now the emblem of their team jersey.

 As we say at Login: “love is in the details” - even the contrast stitching was an exact colour match to the gradient shade, the result was a subtle detail, that every so often catches the eye and captures the imagination. Look closer and you’ll find silicone grippers on the sleeves and body to lock the jersey in place. Imprint silicone on the bib hems featuring a single stitching down the middle and laser cut suspenders that adapt to the body like second-skin.

In terms of fabrics, no compromises were made. The entire range features our signature Race Cut crafted with Italian Xtra thin Lycra fabric with mesh-like aero fabric accents on the sleeves and back, chosen for it’s high moisture wicking qualities that make it highly compatible with the hot and humid climate. What’s more, the Aero fabric creates air turbulence which in turn, allows for efficient air flow and aerodynamics.

The result is instantly noticeable: an elegant team jersey that not only looks sleek - it truly performs.